About me


I like cinema, technology and books. I also sometimes enjoy flying my quadcopter and photography. Good quality alcohol is another ‘hobby’, particularly single malt whisky, fine wine, and craft beer. You can see the booze currently in my cellar here.


Folk and rock from the 60s/70s is my genre of choice. My favourites being Bob Dylan, Neil Young, The Beatles, Eric Clapton, Van Morrison, The Doors, Cream, The Band, Fairport Convention and Rory Gallagher. But most of the time I’m either listening to electronic or classical music as I can work, browse the web, and go about my day with it on in the ‘background’. And I usually favour the radio for these genres so as to stop me spending all day browsing albums. I listen to Soma FM Groove Salad for electronic and BBC Radio 3 for classical. I like jazz and blues too.


I’m 6’4” so I try to lift weights at least three times a week so I look less lanky. But the main exercise I like to do is walking as it’s easy, burns fat, and is equally enjoyable alone or with friends. I usually walk at the Ashridge Estate, and you can see my walks on Runkeeper. In the summer months I like to cycle and occasionally run, which you can view on Strava.


Movies: Lord of the Rings Trilogy / In Bruges / Hot Fuzz / Ex Machina
TV comedies: I’m Alan Partridge / Blackadder / Peep Show/ Only Fools & Horses
TV dramas: True Detective* / Game of Thrones / Penny Dreadful / The Knick

*Season 1 only. Season 2 is like a bad dream I’ve tried to forget.